Why use a recruitment agency to find staff

Hiring can be time-consuming and expensive – and that’s just if the process goes smoothly.

What if things don’t go completely to plan? Or an employer is forced to take on the cost of hiring the wrong candidate?

Why companies use recruitment agencies-
There are a number of reasons why an employer may decide to outsource their hiring process, but the main benefits that a recruitment agency provides to businesses are:
Market knowledge.
A wider candidate reach.
Recruitment experience.
Reduction in the time of hire.
Lower risk of a bad hire.
As businesses are often lacking the time, resources and expertise to recruit effectively, turning to a recruitment agency is an attractive proposition.
With most things, though, money is typically a deciding factor, but do agencies really fall down when it comes to cost?

Are recruitment agencies cheaper than in-house recruitment?
One reason why employers may choose to carry out their own candidate search is because, on paper, it seems cheaper than outsourcing to an external company.
But what about the hidden costs?
While the fee for using a recruitment agency might be larger than the initial in-house spend, unforeseen costs soon pile up – often making it more expensive.
Nathan Bruton, Managing Director at Le Breton, believes that: “The biggest advantage of using a recruitment agency, rather than in-house recruitment, is the time and money saved by cutting out the advertising of job roles, vetting and the interviewing of candidates.”
Whether it’s the time taken from others in order to assess candidates, or the amount of time that a job role is unmanned, time is not on the side of an actively recruiting employer.

How do recruitment agencies reduce time and costs?
As recruitment agencies already have a pool of qualified candidates, and the resources to attract even more, agency recruitment is usually faster than in-house recruitment. They also allow managers and other staff to concentrate on their own jobs – thus maintaining high-levels of productivity in the workplace.
Additionally, there’s nothing to say that a hiring campaign is going to find the right candidate(s) at the first time of asking. This could mean repeating the process numerous times and racking up even more costs. Recruiters are experts in their field and minimise this risk, as well as that of making a bad hire.

The main advantage of using a recruitment management service to help with staffing is that it will alleviate time and pressure on you, the client, thus allowing you to concentrate on other more critical operating tasks. The cost of using an agency, in many situations, would be equivalent to similar costs of advertising the role, but this would also carry more advantages such as savings in manpower.

Staffing Recruitment Agencies are able to tap into and retain huge pools of candidates with a variety of skills in across various business sectors, meaning that companies choosing recruitment agencies to support their business are more likely to get the best person for the job.

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